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School: Escola Frei Manuel de Santa Inês 25 students are involved

Projects 2020

Fun coding activities

Causas das Alterações Climáticas


A WordArt was elaborated with the causes pointed out by the students.

Climate action project - "effects of climate change"

Efeitos das Alterações Climáticas


Online meetings

During this week we held two online meetings: the first with a Brazilian school and the second with a school in Moldova.

The students talked about the causes and effects of climate change that are most felt in their countries.

Acordo de Paris

Os alunos analizaram e debateram partes do Acordo de Paris.

Solutions to the Climate Change problems

28th October - we connect Singapura, to speak with an intern partner. The student's shared their solutions to the Climate Change Problems.

Soluções para as Alterações Climáticas

Os alunos realizaram um PP com as suas ideias sobre como resolver o problema das alterações climáticas.

Plantar uma árvore

Plantamos mais uma árvore nos jardins da nossa escola...


Images by Ana Mouta 2020-11-09Mouta
Images by Ana Mouta 2020-11-17Mouta
Images by Ana Mouta 2020-11-17Mouta