Ana Bruna Nunes de Almeida

My name is Ana and I am Kindergarten Bilingual teacher at Colégio Positivo. This is our class, we are from Curitiba, Brazil ♥


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School: Colégio Positivo 12 students are involved The average age of the students: 5 years old Year

Projects 2021

What is causing climate change?

We started the project researching for the mainly causes of climate change around us. We walked around the school looking for causes and we find a lot of garbage on the playground's floor. The children understood the importance of clean up our classrooms and our school. During the circle time, we saw some pictures and videos that shows the causes of climate change and we talked about the water waste, because in Brazil is not raining lately and we don't have much water on the faucets. We learned about the Carbon and its importance in our life, but in some cases it can contribute to earth's climate change. We started a Weather Journal where we register the weather and we can observe the changes locally. In addition, we drew the causes researched and we glued on a "sad earth".

The Effects of Climage Change

The group have researched and found 11 effects that could be related to Climate Change

Week 3 - Global Effects


This week, we researched the global effects of climate change and found that endangered animals are increasing, so we've done an exhibit of some of these animals to show people that the effects are wiping out entire species around the world. 


We've researched about the solution for climate change, drawing our perspectives for a better world.


Images by Ana Bruna Nunes de Almeida 2021-10-03Nunes de Almeida
Images by Ana Bruna Nunes de Almeida 2021-10-13Nunes de Almeida