Samantha Ameztoy

Buenos Aires

I am a teacher of English as a Second Language in Argentina. I work with young learners in an Elementary School and in a Kindergarten.  I am a former Friends of Fulbright Scholar and I am doing my MA of Arts in Teacher Leadership at Mount Holyoke College.

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School: Aprenderes

2nd Grade School "Aprenderes"

Our Projects

Climate Change Through Art

The observation of nature and meditation have generated art.

Following Ciceron, during this first week we explore the concept of climate change through plastic art.

We start proposing the following artists and collective groups: Captain Boomer, Wilmar Orlando Cosme Calzada and Anthony Quinn.  Then, students add the artists that they want to discover and research. 

Our production for this week is a digital collage.  This tool promotes a versatile medium of expression full of freedom to employ different shapes and procedures. Moreover, it is an artistic expression that allows us to make a “visual summary” of what we investigate and reflect upon and, hopefully, inspire others to start investigating about climate change in our country, Argentina. 


In the second week we problematized certain issues related to our country in order to develop cause-effect relations. 

Climate Action-in-Action

We visited Punto Limpio, a place in our city that redistributes and recycles different materials.

We analyzed the different actions carried out by Punto Limpio and we summarized the materials that one can carry to this station. 

Our Proposal

We started to think our proposal with a comic strip we created.  The strip shows different moments of our daily routine in the school with possible climate actions. These actions are related to our visit to "Punto Limpio".