Ali Almatari

ibra-alsharqia north

Varkey Teacher Ambassador. Top Finalist 2017 in Global teacher prize . Phd student. Researcher in Administration education. Curriculum Teaching Method.Intel Trainer. Leader many research team.apply may ICT project in using Technology in Class.Participate in the presentation and dissemination of research papers and papers at local, regional and international conferences. Winning a number of local, regional and international awards.Activating educational platforms in the educational process.Motivate my fellow teachers to share their successes. And their experiences in all educational forums.Member of the Omani Society for Educational Technology and Gulf Society for Policies and Comparative Education

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School: (Almutanabi basic shcool for boys(10-12

Our Projects

Scientific analysis of the phenomenon of climate change-week1( what is the climate change?)

This project aims to provide the students with a set of skills based on brainstorming, dialogue, discussion, sharing of information and knowledge, summarizing the results and interpreting the phenomena with a scientific logic based on a set of scientific studies and research in the various sources of knowledge related to scientific research and the most important in life.

The outputs of learning are in the projects of drawing and statistical analysis of quantitative data, and the production of short films explaining the phenomenon of climate change, where students express their happiness, and feel proud to participate in this global project


Brainstorming, collaboration, sharing, research, summary of results, discussion, drawing all this in the climate Action-Oman