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School: Colégio Positivo 17 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-8 Year

Projects 2020

JA-2B01 - WEEK 1

Throughout week 1, the students were able to discuss the difference between weather and climate. They also made contibutions that helped us to identify actions that we take everyday that might harm the environment. The entire class was so excited to be a part of this project. See you next week. 

JA-2B01 - WEEK 2

During week 2 we had time do discuss the effects of climate change from a global scale to a local one. The students were able to learn about the Pantanal fires (Brazil) and exlpore effects from each continent. We also had a moment to talk about the importance of trees. They watched a video from a interview we've made with Mr. Orlando, who was responsible for planting 8.000 trees in Brazil. We are so excited for you to see our development. Here is the link to the interview: 

JA-2B01 - WEEK 3

During Week 3 we had an amazing exchange experience with Ms Neetu! She is a teacher from India that along with her students talked to our class and answered all of our questions. It was amazing! 

JA-2B01 - WEEK 4

During week 4 our students engaged on a discussion about solutions. We had a moment to think about what children could do to help the environment. They decided to create a Club to raise awareness on all those problems we can fix. Our club is called: GREEEN EARTH CLUB. Join us! 

JA-2B01 - WEEK 5

We have created a poem that we would like to send it to mars ? What about you  ?

JA-2B01 - WEEK 6

During Week 6 we had the opportunity to choose and listen to the Speakers from the Climate Action Day Webinar. The students were so excited and they felt so important! 


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