Food technology teacher Romania

Alina Mirela Popa

Co-teacher: Gyorgyi Propst
I am food technology teacher working in High School in Romania with great students. I like working in innovative projects with them. For now we are ready to bring our work for this big issue in the world.


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School: Liceul Tehnologic de Industrie Alimentar─â G.E.Palade Satu Mare 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 16 Year

Projects 2020

Liceul Tehnologic de Industrie alimentara G.E.Palade Satu Mare Romania

we introduce our school but we focuse on causes that are desribed in the movie. Less educated people for protect environment, selective collection, lot of garbages around, lot of waste products, unlimited consumption, less love for nature.


WE are making  green activities for reduce the damage of deforestation. Each tree is a benefit for nature. Planting more trees assures the future of the planet.

Climate Actions Collaboration

we meet 3 countries and disscuss the actions and solution by gaming and mentimeter .


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