Alessandra Pallavicini


I teach English in an Italian Secondary School and love to engage my students in international projects in order to help them to meet peers from all over the world, improve their English and open up their minds. I am an Edmodo Ambassador and Sutori Storyteller and think that technology, if used properly, can help us teachers to develop a new form of learning

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Ms. Alessandra Scattarregia

School: ISIS G. Galilei


ISIS G. Galilei Gorizia Italy
Students working on the project in Gorizia Italy
Working in the lab
Skype Session

Projects 2018

Climate Action: causes

The video has been made by the students of Grade 2AIT of Technical School Galileo Galilei , Gorizia Italy

They watched a documentary about climate changes, anlysed some material with their Chemistry teacher, Ms. Scattarregia, and then discussed about the script and the storyline of the video.

Here is the result of their work

Climate Action Week 2

The video was made by the students of class 2AI of ISIS Galilei, a technical school in Gorizia, North East Italy. They studied the report written and published by the agency in charge of the  environmental situation in our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia and used the information they found there to create a news programme. This is the result

Climate Action Week 3

The video is about possible solutions for the issues the students examined during the previous weeks. They focused on the concepts of adaptation and mitigation