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Barbu Delavrancea
School: SCOALA GIMNAZIALA BARBU DELAVRANCEA 50 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-14 Year

Projects 2020

Climate action

Hi! We are a school from Bucharest, Romania- Barbu Delavrancea-( he was a roumanian writter), my name is Adina Dinica and i” m a french teacher for 20 years. We participate with 50 students and we love our planet and want to give it a reeboot.

Climate change effects

We are a school located in the center of Bucharest, which is the capital of Romania. Today we will talk about climata change effects with the eighth grade students of Barbu Delavrancea middle school in Bucharest.

Climate change effects globally

Seventh grade students talk about global climate change.

Climate change solutions

We are on lockdown, so we share with you the videos made home.

Climate action- on partage des solutions

Demander au gouvernement de creer un centre de tri pour transformer les couches des bébés en compost.

Open letter to the president of Romania

In Romania there is an ONG called DECLIC, dealing with the collection of petition to prevent the rulers from promulgation laws that lead to the destruction of the environment.

I am one of the signatories of these petitions and just today I wrote a letter to the president of Romania- Klaus Iohannis, letter sent via DECLIC. It`s about the law of green  space. Currently, the returnes green sapces must remain green spaces. But after this promulgation, instead parcs it will be possible to appear residential neighborhood, parking lots or mall.


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