Abeer Qunaibi

Hebron- Palestine

I'm Abeer Qunaibi a wife, mother and teacher of math in Palestine. My educational background includes a MSc in Applied MAthematics. I have been chosen the best teacher in Palestine 2016, One of Top50 finalists 2017 global teacher prize, and Varkey teacher Ambassador .I try to build up my students to become global citizens and to lead the change of their life and community.

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School: Wedad Naser Deen Secondary School

Our Projects

climate change - week1

more than 40 students of eleventh grade at wedad naser deen secondary school would love to participate at CLIMATE ACTION PROJECT because they care about  our planet!


we used brainstorming ways to motivate students and they lead an effective discussion about  a movie of climate change. at the end we divided students into two groups to identify some problems in their city that caused by climate change and how they decide to solve it.