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Co-teacher: Nguyễn Thị Ánh Ngọc
Me and my students are eager to participate in the project. We want to work together to protect our living environment and prevent global climate change.


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Grade 12 B2
School: THPT NGO GIA TU 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 17 Year

Projects 2020

Joining hands to prevent support change

Our project will learn about the solution causes to stop climate change locally. Through it will contribute to protecting the living environment, protecting our beautiful earth

Environment protected together

Students at Ngo Gia Tu High School learn about the environment, ecosystems and measures to protect the environment and combat climate change.

Climate change in Vietnam

This week, we are not participating in networking with classes on all continents. Because in Vietnam we are going through extremely painful days. Floods, landslides, storms ... are devastating us. A lot of people were missing, houses collapsed, hunger, and death surrounded us. We are joining hands to find ways to support our fellow citizens. We need more help than ever


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