Slideshow about causes
Week 1

Placed by Clara Neveux 2020/Nov/8
Dupleix High School
Europe France
Northern France


Unfortunately we cannot really propose a thorough students' work as I and my colleague Clara have got only one hour per week to complete the missions  successfully .Anyway we try to do our best and make our students raise awareness of climate change . With my students group I ( Christine) 've proposed this slideshow dealing with the four following missions:  It's been a team work : - Understanding the difference between climate and weather ( mission 1) - Deciding whether the climate of the earth is changing or  human activity is causing climate change ( mission 2) - Summarizing what is causing climate change through a videonews ( mission 3) - Finding out hypotheses about temperatures' rising ( mission 4).  And my colleague Clara has  achieved this youtube video . Hopefully we  made it !

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Images by Clara Neveux 2020-10-12Neveux