The impact of climate change on the forests
Week 1

Placed by Nada Ratković 2020/Oct/4


Climate change and forestry in the Republic of Croatia

• The impact of climate change on forests and the vulnerability of forestry sector in the Republic of Croatia- to some extent there is interest in the scientific sector, in practices are not perceived as a priority. Most of the activities carried out so far relate to fulfilling obligations under the Kyoto Protocol (mitigation). Some adaptation activities are carried out in practice, but are not perceived.

Impact of climate change and vulnerability

• Climate change affects whole world, all European regions and Croatia

• Knowledge of the impacts of climate change, vulnerability, risks and adjustments need to be improved.

• The costs of the consequences of climate change can be high depending on the level of impact.

• Impact of observed and projected climate change on terrestrial ecosystems, soil and forests refers to changes in soil condition, phenological phases, species distribution, interspecific interaction and genetic variability.

In terms of changing species distribution, the general trend is migration to the north and to higher altitudes heights.

• Conifers are expected to adapt to cold conditions reduce its prevalence in favor of deciduous trees.

• Reduction of forest growth is projected for southern Europe, in relative to northern Europe with large regional variations.

• An increased risk of drought, forest fires and is expected reduced biodiversity.

• A major impact of climate change is expected in cities (heat island effect).

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