Week 2

Placed by TINA MANTIKOY 2020/Nov/20
2nd Experimental Primary School of Greece
Europe Greece

Description: the 2nd Experimental School of Rhodes participates in UNESCO and its treasures.Our students deal with the materials and additional images of  new technologies .Their goals are 17 and totally  needed for global  Sustainable Development, with a vision to shape in their actions, the citizens of Tomorrow, who report on the planet until 2030.Students chose the possibility from poster, using   the interface of with each use for climate photography. Sensitized, therefore, with the time of  Distance Learning, COVID-19 positively communicates and offers “goods” at environment .

Our goals:

  • Be aware of the huge climate change that is happening on the planet in recent years.
  • To teach children what climate change is and to recognize its effects.
  • Inform young students about the effects of climate change on their daily lives of children and animals on all continents.
  • Learn simple ways to protect the environment and take action to reverse climate change.
  • Understand the difference between basic and secondary artificial needs.
  • To realize the effects of climate change and the aggravating role of human activities.
  • To understand that human needs vary around the world, but also that this is not always necessary and "socially preferable".
  • To understand the importance and necessity of limiting consumption.
  • Understand the potential dangers of overproduction of waste.


  • To create a climate of friendship, trust, cooperation between teachers and students and to encourage students in teamwork.
  • To have a positive attitude towards issues related to justice, solidarity and equality in terms of consumption of the world's resources.


  • Using simple means and "useless materials", to create constructions related to the subject.
  • Improve their observation and insight.
  • To acquire skills in the use of technological means (computer).


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