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School: CNMS 40 students are involved

Projects 2022

Climate Change and Its Causes

We all love being with nature and enjoying the beauty of nature. But did we notice how often the climate is changing? Sometimes it's extremely hot, whereas sometimes it just starts raining suddenly. This is all due to the excess use of chemicals released out of the factories, rising temperature, more use of oil, gas, coal, and more carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere which warms up the earth. This is because on one hand - there is excess use of chemicals, harmful gases released out of the factories, burning more oil, gas, and coal which releases more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And on the other hand, destroying forests and not having enough trees to absorb that carbon dioxide. This results in rising temperatures and warms up the earth.

Effects of climate change and planted campaign

Effects of climate change - Deforestation, forest fire, acidic rains.

Planted Campaign- children have plated trees in the surrounding

Causes and effects of climate change Locaally and Globally

We collaborated with a School in Brazil and children exchanged their thought about climate change and its actions.

Climate change

Week 4

Week 5

Week 5 Lego week

Week 6

Flash Mob


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