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K. R. Mangalam Global School located at the heart of Delhi in South Delhi aims to develop and nurture global citizens. We believe in a multi-dimensional growth, hence working towards nurturing the learner’s mind to be world ready by incorporating different approaches and developing their comprehensive perspectives towards life. The IB curriculum offered here helps to develop the learners as inquirers and come up with their own understandings. We believe in nurturing Global citizens who can


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School: K. R. Mangalam Global School, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi 128 students are involved

Projects 2022


CAP22 was launched on 26th September 2022. Students of grade 6-12 were involved in the activities conducted for week 1. They learned about climate change and its causes in India and reflected on their learnings by making posters, presentations.

Week 2 activities

Students from grade 2 to grade 11 performed the following activities-

1. Assembly was conducted on loss of habitat due to change in climate by primary students. They recited a poem on "the habitat".

2, Session was conducted related to the causes and effects of the climate change.

3. Plantation drive by whole school


Students of PYP accomplished numerous activities and gained knowledge about the effect of deforestation and industrialization on the environment. 

MYP and DP students interacted with a School in Japan. They discussed the local environmental problems in their own countries. 

A connection was established between SDGs and CAP


All the students in grades 11 and 12 actively participated in policy-making activities. Making policies can be one of the ways to prevent climate change. 


Whole school plantation drive.


Pledge was signed by students to take actions to prevent the climate change.

Students presented models as an action which can be taken to reduce the damage to environement and hence the changing climate. 

A survey was conducted by students to assess the knowledge gained by students during this project and their understanding about a local environemntal problem ( severe AQI) due to slash burning. 


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