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I teach Geography to Grades 9 and 10.I am passionate about the SDGs.In the past, I have  worked as a Global School Advocate and as a Mentor for the Global School Advocates.Looking forward to participate in this project.


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School: Green Fields School 43 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-14 Año

Projects 2022

Climate Action Project Week 1

In week 1,students worked on finding the meaning of climate change,its causes and personal connections to climate change.They are very excited to work in this project.even some special students are contributing enthusiastically.

CAP Week 2-Effects of Climate Change

In CAP Week 2,students were divided into different groups.Each group was assigned the task of researching about the effects of climate change and sharing with the other groups in the form of ppts and videos.Students also planted saplings.

CAP Week 3

This week students reflected on causes and effects of climate change.They watched videos and presentations of other countries.They also connected with students from Moldova,Europe and explored the effects on climate changeon our planet at global levels.They also drew lines on a world political map joining India with Moldova,with which we had a collaboration .They also explored the effects of temperature increase even by a few degrees,o animals,plants,weather patterns and human activity.They discussed about some actions that can be taken to prevent further problems and effects like use of car pool etc

CAPWeek 4

This week students worked on finding out solutions. They also filled up the fourth side of their climate action box with solutions.

CAP Week 5

Our students collaborated with students from Belgium to work on Climate Change.

CAP Week 6

In this week students took action against Climate Change.They also watched the Climate Action Day.


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