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Co-teacher: Prabhjit Kaur Chhabra
Hi.... My name is Jayashree Venkatesh. I am from Gurgaon city, Haryana State, India. I teach Grades 4-6 Mathematics. Though I have been associated with different aspects of education and have involved myself with creating awareness about UN SDGs.. Climate Change is one of the most important goal that we need to tackle on priority. The reason for this is, Climate Change causes many of the problems and issues around the world... whether it is poverty, economic slowdown, destruction of infrastructu


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School: Suncity School, 37D 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 8years - 15years Año

Projects 2022

Causes of Climate Change by Suncity School 37D

Students of Suncity School 37D are always conscious of the action they take. The enthusiastic learners began their Climate Action project with writing what they know on the Padlet wall. Research, making of Models, Posters, and Presentations formed the part of the next few days. Our Suncitizens believe that every small step makes a big difference.  

Effects of Climate Change

Students collaboratively researched to find out the Reasons of Climate Change and prepared a presentation. The research led to many discussions around the cause and effect which resulted in a wholesome presentation.

Climate Action - Cause & Effect - Globally

As part of Climate Action Project, our students researched to find out the Cause & Effect globally and the action taken by our Governement to tackle the issue locally. 

Solutions towards Climate Change

Climate Change is not just one person or one grade crisis.... It is impacting everyone faster than a blink of an eye. Even a small step makes a big difference towards Climate Change. Keeping this in mind, sharing some small steps that we have taken towards this cause.

Week 5 CAP Project

Collaboration and Learning go hand in hand - coming together for a common cause

Conclusion of CAP 2022 - Week 6

Conclusion of the Climate Action Project 2022


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