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School: Iancu de Hunedoara National College 30 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-18 Año

Projects 2022

Green Patrol , Iancu de Hunedoara National College, Romania

Warm greetings, everyone!

We are a group of enthusiastic teenagers from Iancu de Hunedoara National College, Romania. More exactly Transylvania, you know, "land of Dracula". :) But unlike the famous count Dracula, we are not dark and dangerous, but open hearted ,environmentally friendly and completely aware of nowadays worrying environmental issues of the world we live in, threats both locally and globally. As we have grown from carefree children into active teenagers, we have set our minds to join this fight against climate change, and through our lifestyle and actions,make a difference. Guided by our teacher, Ms Kiss,we truly believe that every small step counts, and  with joined forces, our voices will be heard.Our motto is:"Every journey starts with a single step."and we hope to be part of great changes together, as participants in this project. Looking forward to meeting new friends from around the globe, learn from schools worldwide and listen to the voices of  your distinguished speakers in the closing webinar.

Best wishes from Iancu de Hunedoara National College, Romania

Teacher Irma Kiss and the Green Patrol (class 10 B)

Climate Action Week 2 Green Patrol

Hello, fellow environmental activists.

This week was a challenge, because we have so many environmental concerns, but need to find the courage to voice them and be the change we want to see in the world.

One group of students did research on the topic and made a video for this week.Also,this week we planted trees, (and flower bulbs and flower seeds, too , because the weather was sunny and beautiful here in Romania and this project is teaching us also to socialize, do teamwork and enjoy each other's company.)

The tree planting was great fun and we showed our younger collegues in school how to be environmental activists. We believe they will join this project in future years. Our headmistress praised our attitude and actions and we felt like we are doing something positive and beneficial for the community. Our Teacher was wearing a Superman T-shirt, and  we all felt like superheroes. :)

Green Patrol to the rescue!Green Hugs to all of you!

Green Patrol Week 3 Causes and effects

This week we discussed about EarthProject App, the effects of climate change on our planet at global levels,globalization,selected  locations and looked at causes and then the effects in the same area.In groups, students did research what the possible effects of climate change might be in the future.We discussed specific actions that could help prevent further problems and effects.

Also, this week we tried to find partners with suitable programmes to have a Zoom meeting and emails have been exchanged for such a meeting.


Green Patrol Colegiul National Iancu de Hunedoara week 4

This week we brainstormed and debated solutions to fight climate change. It was a week in which we watched the presentations of different schools worldwide,  inspirational documentaries about environmental activists such as Jane Goodall,Greta Thunberg and organizations:Greenpeace, WWF,Climate Foundation, Green Cross,etc. We agreed that we need to:

  1. Create social awareness on climate change.
  2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  3. Volunteer for cleanups
  4. Walk or use the bike.Refuse being driven to school
  5. Conserve water
  6. Shop wisely
  7. Plant trees
  8. Use less chemicals
  9. Educate yourself and others

Green Patrol week 5 Iancu de Hunedoara National College Romania

This week we analised solutions to fight climate change, offered by the presentations of different schools,a community of changemakers,worldwide. The students made a group list of ideas they had in common.We watched the LEGO Build the Change webinar, took notes, had a debate follow up.Students pitched their solutions,students offered  feedback.

Green Patrol-Iancu de Hunedoara National College

We strongly believe that everyday actions make a difference: taking the bus or the train when travelling, commuting or at weekends, selective recycling of  our waste, consciencious shopping habits and treating nature with respect. Our patrol students made it a mission to promote these ideas by organizing a march to promote environmentally friendly lifestyle.


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