Kahramanmaraş'ın Afşin ilçesinde bulunan Şehit Hüseyin Utku Gülbahar Anaokulu'nda görev yapıyorum. Sınıfımda 19 öğrenci var. İklim değişikliği bu gezegende yaşayan herkesi etkiliyor. Öğrencilerime bu konuda bilinç kazandırmak istediğim için ben de bu projede yer almak istedim. Okul öncesi dönem davranış değişikliği ve öğrenme için çok kritik bir dönem olduğu için çok önemsiyorum. Yaşadığı dünyayı önemseyen ve çevresine karşı duyarlı bireyler ye


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School: Şehit Hüseyin Utku Gülbahar Anaokulu 19 students are involved The average age of the students: 5 Año

Projects 2022

1. Week

How's the weather? We got the answer to the question.

I told about the weather events and we watched videos.

What is the climate? We found the answer to the question.

We watched a video about climate change and talked about it.

We read a book about global warming.

Students made pictures about these topics.

2. Week

2. Week


We watched videos about global warming and climate change.

We read a book about the importance of forests and trees for the climate.

We talked about what can be done to reduce the effects of climate change.

We attended Tree Planting Day.

Students painted about Tree Planting Day.

3. Week

3. Week

We germinated the tree seed.

We did a coding study about the protection of forests.

We talked about natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, forest fires.

We learned that forests protect the world from natural disasters.

4. Week

We discussed what can be done against climate change and global warming.

The children also offered solutions.

We watched the videos of the studies carried out in different schools in Turkey.

We reviewed a magazine with content and activities related to environmental protection and recycling. We did the test found in the magazine.

5. Week

We read the story book "Tree Doctors". Then the children took their magnifying glass and studied the trees in the garden.
When they came to the classroom, they made pictures of the trees they studied.
We sang the song "Let's Be a Forest".
We mentioned that forests protect the world against climate change and global warming.

6. Week

6. Week

There was talk about recycling. The importance of recycling for the protection of forests, soil and rivers was mentioned.

Each child, together with his family, designed costumes from leftover materials in their homes. They exhibited these costumes at school.

Then they made piggy banks out of plastic or cardboard boxes in their homes.