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School: Kristaq Rama 25 students are involved

Projects 2022

More plants, more oxygen

Common houseplants such as Spider plants, English ivies, Snake plants and Spade-leaf philodsons can improve indoor air quality. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and some can also remove toxins from the air. The amount of oxygen produced by these plants depends on the amount of light they receive, the type of soil they're grown in and the presence of microorganisms in the soil. Photosynthesis; The ability of plants to produce oxygen and remove toxins from the air depends on a variety of factors, including the species of plant, the amount of light it receives, the type of soil it's grown in and the presence or absence of microorganisms in the surrounding soil. Toxic Chemicals Houseplants can help reduce the level of toxins in the air by absorbing them from the air. Toxins found in the air include those emitted by synthetic materials such as carpets, paints, furniture upholstery, perfumes and cleaning products. Useful Plants According the University of Minnesota Extension Service, many common houseplants can improve indoor air quality, especially if they are placed near windows with southern exposures. Some common species of indoor houseplants that can remove pollutants from indoor air include the spider plant, English ivy, snake plant and spade-leaf Philodendron. To conclude, the size, health and suitability of your houseplant to your indoor growing environment determines how much oxygen it produces. You can noticeably improve your indoor air quality by growing a single houseplant large enough to fit in a 6- to 8 inch pot for every 100 to 125 square feet of floor space, depending on the species of plant. My students did so, they were engaged by  planting a plant that can grow indoors and outdoors, in this way it will provide oxygen and clear the air. This is a message that we want to give, me and my students, plant as much as trees,flowers as can because if all we so a small thing this turns into a big one and we can improve our planet's health. 

The importance of planting

In the project presented for the second week, we have done a before and after. We have planted trees in a place that was no tree at all, we have taken care of them and they are full grown. It is seen clearly the way that they have blossom and gave us life :)

Environmental issues

Students of the 8-th grade did their project on the environmental issues. What are the main causes and their effects? The first group of students made a factory which symbolize the main factor of the air pollution, this group also made a poster where it is explained the effect of air pollution. The second group of students made a green poster which symbolizes the life on earth that should be protected. The third group of students made a blue poster, which it was about the water pollution. A student found information about the climate changes. Two students worked on a video explaining what would happen to the earth and the climate if we do not take care of them.


Students want to raise the awareness that the deodorants are not good for the environment. From the photos we can notice how many has a single person, at least one and the number of the deodorants increases from person to person. By showing how harmful for the environment this is we might lower the usage of them.

Build the Change

The aim of this project was to build another future.

The students brought their Legos into the class.

First they were separated into groups than they started to build what they thought that the future homes would be like.

In conclusion their ideas were different but at the same time very beautiful.

Planting trees

Students planted a tree.

First they were separated in different groups, one group prepared the soil, one prepared the tree, the third group planted the tree and the last one water it.

By planting trees you can help improve your environment, reduce pollution, save money on energy, enhance the appearance of your community, and increase the value of your property by planting and maintaining trees.
By blocking sunlight, trees can lower the temperature of the air. When water evaporates from the leaf surface, it cools even more. The chemical process of converting water into air vapor removes heat and energy from the air.
A tree can work as an air conditioner on its own. A single tree's evaporation can cool as many rooms as 10 air conditioners running twenty hours a day.
Place deciduous trees on the south and west sides of your home to block summer sunlight while allowing winter sunlight to reach and warm your home.

With all these benefits, the students are convinced that we can do better.


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