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Co-teacher: Borcila Lavinia Ileana


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School: Gradinita cu Program Prelungit ”FLOAREA-SOARELUI” Resita 21 students are involved The average age of the students: 3-5 Año

Projects 2022

The earth is our home

This week we talked about the earth and how important it is for us. We watched a cartoon video that showed them what happens to our planet if we don't take care of it, and so we decided that in the following weeks we will do small things that will have a big impact for the earth.

Story ... for Earth

The children found out through a created story what are the effects of our mistakes on the earth and how we can prevent them. Then they planted acorns that we will take care of and hopefully get some beautiful trees to plant in the spring.

Global causes and effects

The children discovered the effects of deforestation and pollution through an experiment.In this way they understood the danger of our unfriendly actions with the environment.

We plant, we recycle, we save the earth

The preschoolers planted their group's tree in a pot, and in the spring they will replant it in the kindergarten yard and take care of it. We also recycled caps from plastic bottles that we reused as teaching material in kindergarten activities.

The new experience

A first experience of online dating, made the little ones happy and they were proud to present their achievements to other children.

Press Release

The project in our kindergarten was completed with an exhibition of the materials obtained together with the students, outdoor activities and articles in online and TV media.


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