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School: Mount Abu Public School 16 students are involved The average age of the students: 16 Año

Projects 2022

Defination of Climate change

Climate change is defined as gradual changes in all the interconnected weather elements on our planet over approximately 30 years. The data shows the Earth is warming and it's up to us to make the changes necessary for a healthier planet.19-May-2022

Effects of Climate change

1. Global Warming

2. Increased temprature

3. Melting iceburgs



Causes and effects of climate change

Learner Raghav Sharma explain in his video how climate affected and what are the causes of it

Climate warrior suggesting solution for Climate change

Week 5 31387

Learners of grade 11 and grade 12 collaborated with to bring a change together. They discussed all the solutions of climate action.


Spreading awareness to celebrate crackers free Diwali

Learners of Grade XI prepared video messages to spread awareness to celebrate this Diwali as a festival of light instead of festival of Crackers and smoke..


Images by BAKSHISH BHATIA 2022-10-15BHATIA
Images by BAKSHISH BHATIA 2022-10-15BHATIA