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School: IC Sandro Pertini - Orta Nova - Foggia - Italia 39 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-13 Año

Projects 2022

Week 1 25904

Presentation of the project to classes 1a - 3a

Plants at home

Students talk about Climate Action Project at home. Then they take photos of plants and write about their importance

The environment is like a pet

The environment is like a pet and we have to take care of it. 

Plants at home

The first place where to learn about climate change is at home. Looking and taking care of their plants, students can see what they need to survive

3rd November 2022

watching you tube

Week 3 26637

Students look at the school backyard to learn more about tyres

causes and effects

students studied the causes and effects of climate change and made posters and photos

using Earth Project APP to promote changing

Students are using the Earth Project APP to become aware of better behaviour towards environment

playing for the...changing

Lego and climate change

Climate project with Lego. Students imagined an alternative farm with photovoltaic panels (the light blue ones on the roof) and cars that run thanks to the energy of the solar panels on the roof

Creativity with LEGO to become the Global Citizens

Students imagined a better world using their LEGO

presentation with sway

we are.... solutions

what about wind?

students shared and collaborated in doing a survey

endangered animals

The main purpose of this photo is to highlight the effects of current climatic variations on different animals