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School: Colégio Positivo Master 13 students are involved The average age of the students: 9 Año

Projects 2022

Climate Action - Week 1

Intorducing about the Climate Action's concept e objectives, discuss about previous knolodge about the theme, and star the disccusion about "Climate Change".

- Show for students videos and explanations about the scenio that we've been living;

- Datas, pictures and news are really importanto for make them urderstand how climate can impact in our lives.

- Aks for students make some posters to instagate them to think about the climate problems. 

Climate Action - Week 2: Causes

1. Reflect on causes of climate change.

Before proceeding to looking at effects of climate change, revisit and review (1) your

shared definition of climate change, (2) your list of trusted experts, (3) established list of causes of climate change, and (4) student personal connections to climate change. You can use your Class Climate Action Box/Digital Board for reference.


Climate Action - Week 3

Reviewing, Thinking and Predicting the effects of Climate Change, our class started a discussion about what could happen if we won't care about what is happening with the world now, what could happen with us (humans), with the animals, with plans, with the weather... So we did some predictions about it.


Climate Action - Week 4: Solutions

We explore the individual and governmetal solitions to protect our planet, it make the students think about their actions as citizens.