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School: - 25 students are involved

Projects 2021

Dünyamızı Tanıyalım, Temiz tutalım

We got to know the world at this week's event.

We drew images of our world for our class.

We talked about what we can do for a clean world,  We talked about the effects of climate and climate change on living things.

The world will breathe in the hands of children

We organized a trip with the students. We received information from experts about saplings and trees. The authorities showed the students how to plant saplings. They planted saplings one by one. Each student was given a sapling as a gift. We ended our trip. The students planted the saplings they bought in their garden. We learned how important plants and trees are for our world. The future will come with science and nature in peace with our children and students.

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Images by Ali Hasırcı 2020-10-05Hasırcı
Images by Ali Hasırcı 2021-11-07Hasırcı
Images by Ali Hasırcı 2021-10-08Hasırcı
Images by Ali Hasırcı 2021-10-08Hasırcı