Week 2

Placed by Vladyslav Kachur 2020/Oct/18

Vladyslav Kachur

Hi, everyone! My name is Vladyslav Kachur. I am an inspired educator from Ukraine who is in love with his profession. I am currently working at two gymnasiums - as an English teacher at Vinnytsia Gymnasium # 6 (more than 1,700 students) and as a manager of Educational Projects at Vinnytsia Private Gymnasium "Dolphin" (around 200 students). I am alaso a certified trainer of Internataional Programme "Schools for Democracy" and a National Geographic certified Educator.

Global warming, climate changes
Week 2

Placed by Svetlana Yakiviuk 2020/Oct/16

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Climate changes & Our Solutions
Week 4

Placed by Svetlana Yakiviuk 2020/Oct/16

Some causes and effects globally
Week 3

Placed by Iryna Pakhomova 2020/Oct/13