Climate Action Project - WEEK 3 video

Nichola de Montaigne

I am an international educator. Creative, inclusive and holistic; with a passion for driving positive change. I use my experience in education and background in psychology, my strong collaborative and communication skills, to inspire a shared purpose and responsibility, building leadership capacity within the community I am a part of to drive purposeful change. I believe that education serves as a force to unite us for a better, more sustainable future, it should empower action and improve the prospects of everyone, everywhere.

Maria Manuela F R Valentim Teixeira

MIE Expert and Skype Master Teacher
Teaching SDGs Ambassador
Unesco School Project's Coordinator 
Blue School Coordinator
eTwinning Mentor
Flipgrid Ss Voice Ambassador

Fruitful Interactions- Going global

The Project of our lives - Airães - Felgueiras