A story about climate
Week 4

Placed by Vasiliki Dogani 2017/Oct/22

Climate Change in Greece-Cause and effects
Week 2

Placed by Angeliki Kougiourouki 2017/Oct/19

Climate propositions
Week 4

Placed by Vasiliki Dogani 2017/Oct/17

I love dyslexia project on Climate Change , Causes & Effects
Week 2

Placed by Aggeliki Pappa 2017/Oct/15
I love dyslexia
Europe Greece

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Climate change
Week 3

Placed by Vasiliki Dogani 2017/Oct/12

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What is Climate change? Pupils from 1st Experimental primary school said.....
Week 1

Placed by Angeliki Kougiourouki 2017/Oct/7