Peter Ferris

Peter has been teaching screen acting for over 30 years and in 2017 was voted one of the top 50 teachers in the world in the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teachers Prize with the winner winning $1 million.

Peter’s past students include Russell Brand, Daniel Mays, Martine McCutcheon, Newton Faulkner, Louise Redknapp and Claire Sweeney to name but a few. Peter has a 30 year career in Film, TV and Music including lead roles in TV, Theatre, Musicals, Commercials as well as Directing and Producing.

Peter was invited by the Aga Khan Foundation to speak at there inaugural OXCSIE event at Oxford University in June 2017. And has now been asked to attend as an advisor every year.

Peter has been invited to QUDWA in Abu Dhabi by the Crown Prince as one of only 800 delegates to focus on "Teaching for tomorrow"

He has also been asked to be the Keynote Speaker at the Dubai SciFest in November and an Educational Forum in Greece in December.

He is now also, a Global Ambassador for the Awecademy alongside Maurice De Hund (Founder of the Steve Jobs School) and Joshua Dahn (Founder of Elon Musk's Ad Astra School)

All of this has come about because he has been recognised for develpoing two programmes which he originated

The first is the Unique educational programme that he has worked so hard on in Northern Ireland-using Screen Acting, Acting Exams and the Entertainment Industry and always spotting opportunities where new technology can be used to bring students from both sids of the divided community together and it can be replicated in any areas of conflict and post conflict around the world.

Peter has already been asked to replicate his Educational programme in Kenya, Colombia, Afghanisthan and Iran.

Secondly, in 2014  Peter co-founded and started The Ring of Peace a Global programme and event to spread a message of peace around the world annually, via smartphones and new technology on the UN day of Peace  (21st September)and which is expanding to include other Global events.

Not only is there a main Ring around the World but also spreading out from the main Ring...Ringlets such as A Schools Ringlet A Hospital Ringlet, A Theatre Ringlet etc and including celebrities and Stars all of which are being added to and growing year upon year.

Throughout Peter's career he has been invited to speak and inspire audiences such as Tech Entrepreneurs Week or Inspiration at the Royal Geographical Society which were about the fact that Peter was always one of the first people to use new technology in his teaching and to promote students (who were available or had parents consent to be sent for auditions) in the Film TV industry or commercials.

It was always about seeing how any new technology can enhance teaching and adapting it to fit what you are trying to do.....such as DV cameras in the early 2000's then to Smartphones and eventually emailing audition clips....

or now he uses smartphones to film his screen acting classes (in other words the students acting the scenes which they watch back on the TV to see what works and what mistakes have been made.....)

In 2008 Peter used to have to take the Belfast Ferry from Liverpool in his car to bring the equipment he needed for his acting class to film the he brings his mobile phone and an HDMI lead and a tiny adaptor.

Peter was one of the first to do this.

And was asked to host and speak at one of the first ever panels on smartphone film making at South By South West (SxSW) Film Festival in Austin Texas in 2012 (one of the biggest film festivals in the World)

And from there to talk about the Future of Film making at the Marbella Film Festival in 2013.

Peter has used new technology in filming to direct and produce films with his students and get them shown in Film Festivals such as The Cannes Film Festival and SxSW Eco.....Peter has inspired his students by proving "You can get there (top festivals etc) from here (places where people believe that success is only a untouchable dream!!!")


To watch BBC interviews with Peter about this success in Film Festivals such as Cannes and international interviews at film festivals such as The Toronto Film Festival etc.....please visit

Asked about a quote about Climate Change: "I am embarrassed to say i had my doubts about the devastating effects of climate change until I met Fiona Johnson the founder of Tierra Verde who showed me that mot only is Climate Change a reality but that by working with Nature we can resolve the negative impact of our past actions. With this knowledge Fiona and I went on to make 20,000 polar bears, a film on a minimal budget which was shown along with our Talk as Guest Speakers at SXSW Eco."

I urge anyone who has either doubt or curiousity to investigate how a positive future is STILL within our grasp.

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