climate action project 2019
Week 1

Placed by fabiha jahangir 2019/Oct/15


The Climate Action Project, 2019

School name: The Lyceum School 

City : Lahore 

Country :Pakistan. 

Grade 7 Lyconians are so excited and enthusiastic to participate actively in the extended project of climate action as they had been it's part for the last two years.. 

Week 1: Introduction of that is this project and what is the meaning of climate changes round the glob. 

Students researched it and expressed their understanding by making flash cards. They were asked to come out with their own notions regarding global warming n they showed it by drawing them. 

Three visuals are also made where they are shown their working on the project... 

Lyconians are great warriors to fight global warming and they are all geared up to work for week 2 


#SDGs. 4,7,11, 15,16.14.17