Climate Action: causes
Week 1

Placed by Alessandra Pallavicini 2018/Oct/6
ISIS G. Galilei
Europe Italy


The video has been made by the students of Grade 2AIT of Technical School Galileo Galilei , Gorizia Italy

They watched a documentary about climate changes, anlysed some material with their Chemistry teacher, Ms. Scattarregia, and then discussed about the script and the storyline of the video.

Here is the result of their work


ISIS G. Galilei Gorizia Italy
Students working on the project in Gorizia Italy
Working in the lab
Skype Session
Climate strike in Gorizia , Italy
Students doing research work in Gorizia, Italy
Climate strike in Gorizia , Italy
Ready to make the video about Week 2
Skype with Kate Murray and her students