CAP under lockdown
Week 1

Placed by Susan Musleh 2020/Oct/8
Zaitoun Prep B Girls School
Asia Palestine
- Palestine


Hello, I am Susan Musleh a teacher for over 20 years, I work in pep school for girls aged 14 -15   my students are so interested in CAP but unfortunately due to the spreading of COVID 19 the schools are closed until further notice, despite staying home they didn't give up they are working home to raise the awareness towards environmental issues and climate change in several activities at home regarding climate change as well as recycling, drawings, creating poems and are drafting up plans for when the pandemic is finally over and they could go into more field projects to use their knowledge.

planting is one of the  significent solutions in releasing earth of global warming and climate change , during lockdown students work to plant even in small areas at homes  .  every tiny step could make  a difference.


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Images by Susan Musleh 2020-10-08Musleh
Images by Susan Musleh 2020-10-08Musleh
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