We need your support

To create more impact.

The Climate Action Project is an initiative by TAG Inc., a non-profit based USA. Our project is the largest initiative globally aiming to bring climate education in schools. We already reach 2,7 million students and teachers across 140 countries but we need your help to scale up.

Every year we manage to reach ten times the audience and create more impact.

You can help to grow our project. Either by disseminating in your network, financial help, etc. Let's find a good synergy!

Climate Action Project joins forces with ThreeFold to create the first Planet Positive Internet and to empower climate education. ThreeFold will offset its energy consumption by directly supporting students in taking actions against climate change. Additionally, an educational platform will be built to provide each student and teacher with a Digital Twin (a unique digital identity) and the necessary tools to connect with each other in a fully secured and private digital environment. 

You can help to grow this initiative and be part of the movement by the people for the people.