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The Climate Action Project aims to change students' behavior and societies' mindset through education. We work with governments, schools, organisations and public figures to bring a possitive impact. Discover our goals.

Every year we manage to reach ten times the audience and create more impact.

You can help to grow our project. Thanks to your financial contribution we will be able to pay some crucial costs.


Cover our most Urgent Bills

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Cover our Running Costs

$1,500 USD

Thanks to you we will be able to pay for the most urgent costs: webserver and platform development

Your name will be mentioned at the website and you'll be receiving a certificate.


Create global impact

$7,500 USD

Your contribution will allow us to fund some of our initiatives: support schools, #InTheAir, buy seedlings (#plantED) and send small resources to our schools in refugee camps.

Your name or logo will be mentioned at two pages (partner and your country) and we'll promote your organisation on social media. You'll get a mention in a newsletter.


Help us to Scale Up

$25,000 USD

Thanks to your organisation we will be able to improve our platform, tools to reach more people, consultants and overhead.

You'll get a speaking slot at the closing webinar and a dedicated page at this website. Your logo will be in our annual movie, out website and all communications.