The Climate Action Project is back!

In October 2019, students from across the world will focus on Climate Change during four weeks. They will explore, brainstorm, discuss, create, connect and share their findings via weekly videos. During the last week there will be virtual exchanges via Skype. Students will focus on the issue of climate change (locally and globally), they'll try to find solutions and take action. 

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100,000 students across 90 countries joined the project in 2018

For third consecutive time we will run this student-centered project. In 2018 we had hundreds of thousands students and teachers across 90 countries aged 6-22. We were totally overwhelmed by the outcomes. Canadian students 3D-printed coral reefs and Nigerian students built their own bio mass plant. Swedish students visited their prime minister. The Irish students received a letter from their president. 400 German students went on a flash mob. Students in India, Philippines, Guatemala and Jamaica planted trees. Portuguese and Indian students made murals. The students in Malawai started planting 60 million (!!!) trees because of this project. The Climate Action project is becoming more than just an educational project. It is creating an impact in our communities as well. 

This project is supported by Dalai Lama, Dr. Jane Goodall, UNESCO, Greenpeace, scientists and public figures. It was covered by media across 45 countries. 

Read more about the outcomes or take a look at some impressions.