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School: The Lyceum of Mykolaivka 50 students are involved The average age of the students: 6-15 Year

Projects 2021

Climate Action Project-2021; Week1 "Change your mind- change the world"

During the first week the students of the Lyceum of Mykolaivka from Ukraine - the participants of the CAP-2021, brainstormed the differences between weather and climate, did some "weather/climate" exercises using WordWall and LiveWorksheet resources, watched the video from National Geographic as for the causes of climate change, made their list of local causes. While watching the video presented by their classmate, who participated in the Genius Olympiad-2021, students made a conclusion that one of the main problems of our region is uncontrolled using of plastic which causes the climate change globally as well.

Week2. "Heal the world! Make it a better place"

During the week the students watched other school participants`videos from Italy, Moldovq and India. Then they discussed the effects of the climate change in our homeplace and add our findings to the List of Effects. Moreover we used EarthProjectApp to track the positive impact they had had on the climate through actions. Furthermore, they planted a tree - a symbol of our class. By the way, they got money for buying the tree from collecting plastic bottles.

Week3. "The more we do together, the happier our Planet will be."

The students from our lyceum discussed the causes,effects of Climate change and had an online meeting with pupils from India. We shared our ideas as for environmental problems of our regions and got inspired for the collaboration between our schools.


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