Songul Esen Ozbey

I am an English Language teacher in Turkey. I have run several projects on environment and recycling. I would like to improve my knowledge on climate change and contribute to my students. I have also integrated the climate change and education into my classes to raise awareness in the students. I have made up a classroom with 18 students who are eager to participate in this project for saving our planet,taking action and making an impact !


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School: Hoca Ahmed Yesevi Anadolu Lisesi 18 students are involved The average age of the students: 16 Year

Projects 2021

1st week- Climate Change and its causes

I elicited what they knew about climate and weather change through padlet. Then, they made independent search on the internet and shared facts on climate and weather change. They also searched about the causes for the climate change and especially they focuses on personal contributions. Then, each of them shot a video stating their ideas about the most cruical cause. After that, they made a long list of causes on padlet. 

The effects of climate change in our locality

Effects of the climate change in Global Aspect

Four topics(Fauna, Flora,Humanity and Lifestyle, Weather Patterns)are divided amongst the students. After their independent search, they shot short videos on the very important effects of climate change. 

Solutions for reducing climate change effects

The students worked in three groups and all produced solutions/ideas to decrease the effects of climate. They also made their preparations for preparing a bulletin board at school.


Virtual collabaration on solutions

We held an online meeting with another upper secondary school o 29th of October. As the teachers, we prepared some ice-breaker activities such as poll and word cloud creating. Then we had a talk on climate change and its solutions.In the end, we played a kahoot game. 

Actions for reducing the effects of climate change


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