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School: CHILDREN'S ACADEMY, MUMBAI 26 students are involved The average age of the students: 9 - 10 years Year

Projects 2021

Climate Action - Climate Change Week 1

Climate Change is an extremely crucial and alarming issue in present times. The Earth is close to complete destruction and if we do not take an action today, we probably will have no tomorrow!

Effects of Climate Change

Our students conducted a small survey trying to find out the effects of Climate Change with the help of a Questionnaire and also conducted interviews with teachers and parents to find out their opinions on the effects of Climate Change.

Effects of Climate Change globally

Students focussed on the effects of Climate Change globally and studied how it impacts various living species. They also conducted a comparitive study on change in temperature and researched about different effects of Climate Change.

Climate Change - A global concern across the globe!

Students watched videos of the below mentioned schools:

1. UAE - DPS Sharjah
2. Serbia – Milan Mijalkovic Elementary School
3. Global Citizens Barcelona 

They researched about the possible causes and effects of Climate change and created drawings, G.O., and articles giving out solutions to deal with climate change globally.

Build A Lego

Students researched about different species affected by climate change and created a report based on it. They provided solutions that'll help the specie to survive.

Solutions to Climate Change


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