shweta Jain

Co-teacher: Avni Rao
I am a PYP teacher with Grade 3 and this is my 10th year in the field of education.


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School: Indus International School Bangalore 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 9-10 Year

Projects 2021

What is Climate Change?

Causes and impact of Climate Change. The harmful effects of Green House Gases.

Effects of climate change

The harmful effects of deforestation causing massive Climate change and has its impact both locally as well as Globally. Please find more of our research and inquiry in the flipgrid link attached,

Causes and Impacts of deforestation

One of the major impacts of deforestation is Climate Change. Deforestation that happens locally has huge implications globally. Also, leading to adverse effect on the plants and animals as well.

Exploring causes and impact of Climate change

My Action to prevent Climate change

Small steps taken now will have a huge impact in future. We need Act now and come up with solutions to save our planet..


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Images by shweta Jain 2021-10-14Jain