Sayuri Hasegawa

Sayuri teaches English as a Foreign Language to students of education and child development at a private university in Japan. She also team-teaches English to elementary school children at a local Japanese public school. She is interested in having students learn language through global project-based learning and in supporting students become part of a global community that takes action for a common goal--leaving the world a better place for the planet and all that live there

School: Meiji Gakuin University 18 students are involved The average age of the students: 20-21 Year

Projects 2021

Climate Change - Definitions and Causes

Students worked on defining Weather vs Climate and shared research results on Causes of Climate Change.

Effects in Japan + Intergeneration Interviews

Students worked on two activities.

1. Effects of Climate Change in Japan I --based on reliable sources

Students researched the effects of Climate Change in Japan on each of the following four categories--flora (plants), fauna (animals), weather, and human activities/lifestyles.

2. Effects of Climate Change in Japan II --based on intergeneration interviews

Each student interviewed an older generation for witness statements regarding Climate Change.

Each student asked the same three questions plus one additional free question.

1) Do you think Climate Change is a hoax* (h-ou-ks)?  *作り話

2) Why? What is your evidence?

3) What do you think should be done? 

4) Other (free)

Local and Global

Students (of Education and Child Development) viewed and commented on the works of primary school children in Australia who presented Climate Change definitions and causes.

Local to Global --Virtual Exchanges

Students prepared for asynchronous virtual exchanges with students in Vietnam and Belgium.

Students presented Climate Change Effects in Japan using audio-recorded slides and flipgrids.

Messages to COP26 World Leaders

Students created their Leaves of Promises to be part of a Global Climate Action with WWF's Forest of Promises--individual promises and demands for promises to world leaders attending COP26. 

They are also working on Climate Action to tackle Climate Change, locally.

Climate Action Pledge

Students focused on the ultimate question of this project, What Action Can We Take to Tackle Climate Change?

Six groups presented specific local actions that would contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. They proposed and urged others to go vegan-a-week, carry portable straws, join a fashion brand's recycling campaign, turn peels into compost, select certified environmentally friendly food sources, follow zero waste recipes, take public transportation, shorter showers, and turn off lights frequently.


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Images by Sayuri Hasegawa 2020-10-22Hasegawa
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