Manuela Prajea

Suzy Manuela Prajea

Suzy Manuela PRAJEA, Ph.D. in Mathematics. Teacher/ Principal, Traian National College,Tr-Severin, Romania. Top50Finalist GLOBAL TEACHER PRIZE. Varkey Foundation Ambassador, UK. Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, US. Global Math Project Ambassador, US. Award, Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction, US. Scholar, Honeywell Educator Space Academy, US, Counselor, Leaders International, US. Volunteer, Leonhard Euler International Charitable Foundation for Mathematics, Russia. Member, Methodology Committee, International Mathematical Olympiad Formula of Unity, Russia

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School: Colegiul National Traian / Traian National College

9th F Manuela Prajea

Our Projects

Climate Change

The project is describing the main effects of the climate change to animals, plants and humans. Issues as global warmings or greenhouse effects are analyzed and their effects among the ecosystems.  The Arctic Sea or the Antartic area are approached in a special research  by analyzing the consequences of the climate change to the future of the life in this areas.   ( Team Alvarez) 

Human Influence on the Greenhouse Effects

#ClimateAction "The Eight" team project, made by Alexandra Dumitru, Madalina Cristanovici, Iulia Raicu, Gabriela Limberea, Cristina Dragoi, Eduard Iorga, October 2017, coordinating teacher Manuela Prajea