Marie-Hélène Fasquel


Marie-Helene has wanted to be a teacher from a young age. She teaches high school students and adults (online, through webinars, in colloquia or at conferences) and trainees. She has constantly striven to innovate in a way that identifies and develops her students’ talents. Her chief success has been in pioneering the ‘flipped classroom’ in her school, whereby students – rather than receiving information in class and then completing homework based on this – watch instructional material at home and then use the class for debate, reflection, discussion and imagination. To this approach she has added many others such as Skype learning, role-playing and creative writing.
Marie-Helene won a national prize for her environment project in 2013 (at UNESCO headquarters, Paris) and an International Innovation Prize at the Barcelona Global Summit in 2014, organized by Microsoft. She has been a Microsoft Expert Educator since that time. She was made "Chevalier dans l'ordre national du Mérite" by the French Prime Minister in May 2019.

School: Lycée Raoul Dautry

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