Larisa Gubina

Co-teacher: Morozova Olga
My name is Larisa Gubina. I am from Moldova. I work as an English teacher at a state school. My teaching experience is more than 30 years. I try to involve my students to participate in different projects . We took part in the i-EARN international projects and also were active members of the national projects dedicated to GYSD and US goals.


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School: IPLT Nicolae Milescu Spataru 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-17 Year

Projects 2021

Lyceum N.Milescu Spataru . Chisinau. Week 1.

Hello everyone! Team " Smile " from lyceum N.Milescu Spataru starts participation in the Climate Action Project. During the 1st week  new members joined  our team. Together we dicussed the questions " What is Climate Change? What are the causes of it? " And here is our report. 

Lyceum N.Milescu Spataru Week 2

Students from our lyceum discussed the effects of Climate Change in the world and in Moldova, we saw the amazing presentations made by students all over the world and shared our impressions about them , also we had online lesson with partners from Spain. 

Lyceum N.M.Spataru Week 3

Team " Smile " created some presentations on the topics of Climate Action Projects and informed all classmates about ecological problems in the world and in Moldova, about Climate Change and what we can do to save our planet. Also we have seen some videos of our partners and learn about global eco issues in other countries. Unfortunately this week we were not able to communicate with other students on-line because of national holidays. Here is our video report. Also we have created a padlet page where you can find all our presentations, reports and students's feedback about participation in the project 

Lyceum N.M.Spataru Week 4

Team "Smile" learnt about their carbon footprint and decided to do something to make it smaller. First of all we discussed solutions and make the list of them, each member of the team made personal promises to our planet. This week students of our lyceum went hiking to see the beauty of our countryside on the one hand and see the environmental problems on the other. We all were very impressed by the presentations made by our partners from India. It was a great online communication. Here our video report about this week. 

Lyceum N.M.Spataru Week 5

Our students were on autumn vacation but organized and participated in many events. We cleaned our school yards, took part in "Lego build the change" webinar , organized the contest of digital books on ecological themes, had an online meeting with  our partners from Israel , and played Kahoot  organized by partners from India. Also we created a school team and participated in School challenge. 

Lyceum N.Milescu Spataru Week VI

It was our last week in the project . We participated in Climate Action Day and we were very impressed by all the speakers. As an action we participated in the Lego Build the Change project and organized online flesh-mob of informative posters , also we sent a message to the politicians and citizens about ecological problems. We took part in TV news where told about the project. We would like to say Thank you to all who organized this project. Good-bye , Climate Action Project 2021 , we are looking forward to participating in Climate Action Project 2022. 


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