Ha Kim Phuong

Co-teacher: Nguyen Thi To Chau
I'm Ha Kim Phuong. I'm a teacher from Viet Nam. Climate change, which is manifested mainly by global warming and sea level rise, has created the current extreme weather phenomena. This is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century because climate change is directly affecting ecosystems, environmental resources and human life. We must take actions on Climate change

School: Bac Lenh Primary School 26 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 Year

Projects 2021

Climate change project

we have a leson about Climate change and have a virtual meeting with 2 other schools to discuss about the definition of Climate change and its causes

What are the effects of Climate Change locally?

Students had a discussion about effects of Climate Change locally. We listed out the effects and thought about the ways to need to do next 

Local to global: What are causes and effects globally?

We have connected to 2 others school in Idian to find down the causes and effects globally.

What are potential solutions?

we have firgured out the solutions together

live interactions and expert webinars.

We have some live interactions and expert webinars.

Climate change action


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Images by Ha Kim Phuong 2021-10-30Kim Phuong
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