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School: Preschool institucion "Bosko Buha" 31 students are involved

Projects 2021

Climate changes


The first day we watched cartoons, we saw what happens when it pollutes and does not spare, how it affects the environment.After that, the children presented their observations. We also prepared a small experiment with ice and white honey to draw their own conclusions about what is happening and to save the living world on which we also depend.

effects of climate change

Through previos experiment,the children concluded that as the climare changes,there are problems in the animal world,so they found that these changes harm both animals and humans,theynoticed that they also harm insects.One mother joined the project ehplaining to children how pollution affects insects especially bees.After that,she explained to them how they are all connected,if there are no insects,even animals do not survive...

effects and consequences of climate change

In conclusion ,animals,insects,forest are disappearing,people are sicks,the wholw planet is sick


recucling and planting as a solution

To help the planet and everyone on it,saving materials,using them again.The children figured out that we could make anything out of them,so we decided to find ideas.We made pots for our houseplants from water bottles.They wanted to set the tree,to contribute to greening.

our climatic solution


During this week, we introduced the children from our facility to the consequences of global change and invited them to join us in preserving the planet earth. With them, we further explored what changes are happening and how to prevent them, we came to bees that are very It is important for our planet. We thought to involve as many of our peers as possible, as well as parents, relatives, friends in the preservation of the planet, teaching them about the consequences of climate change.

Let s prevent climate change together

ince we decided to train and teach others how to help the planet earth, we decided to be the movers. with the help of parents, we have enriched the ecological corner of the kindergarten with an aquarium, together with the children we maintain it


Images by Dragana Vesic 2021-10-31Vesic
Images by Dragana Vesic 2021-10-31Vesic
Images by Dragana Vesic 2021-10-31Vesic
Images by Dragana Vesic 2021-10-31Vesic
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