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School: TL "Dragoș-Vodă " 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 8-10 Year

Projects 2021

Week 1 Climate Change. Causes.

Pupils from IPLT„Dragoș-Vodă”  talked about climate change.

Climate Change - Effects

This week we talked about the effects caused by change of climate in our country and in the world.

Effects of Climate Change

The pupils from our school  discussed about the causes,effects and solutions of Climate change. The students  had an online meeting with pupils from India.

Solutions for saving the World

Some easy steps that we can take to reduce climate change:


  1. Heat your home right, wear more warm clothes if you are cold.
  2. Use less water.
  3. Change your light bulbs.
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint by reusing and recycling.
  5. Plant a tree.

Students' Interactions

Students discussed about what they can do to protect the world in which they live.

They had a great idea about creating ecological toys, dolls for kids made from corn husks, because this industry uses a lot of plastic. A wonderful craftwoman helped and taught us how to manufacture them.


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