Manuela Correia

I am a music teacher in Portugal, Europe. I'm married and a mother of two. I live and work in a small seaside town, near Porto, called Espinho (it means 'thorn').  I've been selected as Skype Master Teacher (SkypeMT) - I'm a Skype in the Classroom fan! - and I'm also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEExpert) since 2016. I am an eTwinner and I've carried out several successful eTwinning* projects over the years with my students. *eTwinning is the community for schools in E


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Espinho, Portugal
School: Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida (AEMGA) The average age of the students: 10-12 Year


Portuguese climate changers in action!
Portuguese Climate Changers in Action! - week 2
Portuguese Climate Changers in Action! - week 3
Climate (inter)actions | Espinho, Portugal