Ana Mafalda Azevedo

Co-teacher: Julieta Rosmaninho
I am a secondary school teacher at Agrupamento de Escolas À Beira Douro, Gondomar, in the outskirts of Oporto, the second largest city in Portugal. It lies lies in the north next to the river Douro. The school has a water sports centre and a protocol with the Ministry of the Sea. Besides, we are a member of "Escola Azul", a project related to the protection of the seas and rivers. In addition to being an English teacher, I am a Director of Studies and the Coordinator of the Directors of St


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School: Agrupamento de Escolas À Beira Douro 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-18 Year

Projects 2021

Causes of climate change

We discussed the topic climate change and pointed out the difference between weather and climate. Then we debated the following: "Is the Earth's climate changing?" Finally we made a list of the causes of climate change to join the longest list.

Local effects of climate change

A PowerPoint and a video on the local effects of climate change. 

A lesson in common with Moldova

 You can read about the experience and see some pictures. It was done with 2 classes through Zoom. All the students and teachers enjoyed it! We even played "Who wants to be a millionaire" about Climate Change, what we had learnt so far and... we won!

Week 4

Our individual actions in favour of the protection of the environment, can help stop climate change! Come and join us!

Cleaning beaches near the school

The students have also taken part in the cleaning of the beaches near the school.


Ideas to help combat climate change

 Donate or sell food at lower prices instead of wasting it/ throwing it away, walk or use a bicycle, produce straws made of wheat instead of plastic, protect bees and stimulate the creation of bee hives, protect local natural heritage.


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