Climate Action Day: What You Missed!

Thursday 5th November was Climate Action Day, which was a live stream of speakers to conclude the 2020 Climate Action Project. The program was packed with exciting names and it ran for 8 hours! (8 hours, 4 minutes and 43 seconds to be precise)

Here is a link to the program if you want an overview of the fabulous speakers, and recordings of the day can be found on the Climate Action Day section of the website. 

So many people were involved in making this event a success, from ambassadors to facilitators to interns, as well as the hosts Jen and Koen and the speakers themselves. As a member of the audience, I particularly found the presentations by classrooms of their climate change solutions really inspiring to watch.

Slides promoting some of the Climate Action Day speakers

Check out the Take Action Global/Climate Action Project social media accounts for details about all of the speakers’ presentations, but here are a few highlights…

Jane Goodall reminded everyone that ‘each one of us makes some sort of impact each day, and we can choose what sort of impact we have.’

Vanessa Nakate, in an inspiring conversation with Princess Esmeralda, said that ‘educating girls is one of the most important solutions when fighting the climate crisis.’

From WWF UK, Matt Larsen-Daw shared a quote that I, and I’m sure many students watching, found striking: ‘for better or for worse, one leader can change the world… the next leader could be you.’

During the presentation by Rick Davis from NASA, one of the students asked ‘When can I go to Mars?’. TAG intern Caroline pointed this out and we agreed that it sums up how the Climate Action Project is helping people to dream big!

These are just a small number of great insights into climate action offered by the speakers; see recordings of the full program to discover more!

As well as wonderful speakers from across the world, the global classroom presentations were a highlight for many. There were students from China, Ireland, Moldova, Tanzania, South Africa, Canada, Argentina, Sierra Leone, India, North Macedonia, and the UAE (hopefully I haven’t missed any out). The insights into the solutions people have discovered and pursued from working on the Climate Action Project were amazing to hear and were certainly a cause to have hope for the future!

As I linked to earlier, the recordings are available on the Climate Action Day page of the website, so be sure to check it out! 

Thank you to everyone who helped the day happen, and another big thank you to all those who attended for being the reason it took place. See you next year!

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